LWV Johnston Starts to Register Voters

On Sunday, March 18th, we held our first voter registration event at Deep River Brewing Company in conjunction with a Food Truck Rodeo. Paul and Lynn Auclair, who own the Brewing Company, could not have been more gracious or accommodating before and during the event. Check them out! They are located at 700 W. Main St. Clayton.

The event was made possible by the fearless members of the Voter Registration Committee. Monica Johnson made the initial contact with the Auclair’s and Linda Brock completed the calls necessary to seal the deal. Our booth was staffed by Judy Cook, Janice Elmore, Patrice Walence and her lovely husband, Steve, Evelyn Saunders, Chris McIntyre, Charlie Keeton and Kristin Brandon. Both Cheryl Keeton and Rebecca Bradford stopped by to offer support.

We spoke to many, many people, especially Charlie! The good news is that when asked most people proudly proclaimed that indeed, they are registered to vote. We were able to register 9 individuals including two brand new voters. We handed out information sheets about the League to interested folks. This event also served as a practice run for the members of our committee to become comfortable with the process. They are amazing folks with big hearts and smart heads!

We’d love to see many more of you at our upcoming events-we are working on a schedule for more registration events as well as a training. The information will be posted as we solidify it. Our next committee meeting is Tuesday 3/20 at 1:00 at Chefella’s Café located at 436 E. Main St Clayton. Feel free to join us!