What Members Do

The League of Women Voters of Johnston County, NC (LWV-Johnston) has several volunteer opportunities for members to make an impact on our community. For more information or to volunteer, email lwvjohnston@gmail.com. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Voter Registration: The LWV-Johnston actively works to register voters throughout Johnston County. We have been awarded a $500 grant to increase youth voter registration in Johnston County this spring. 
  • Voter Services: Voters have told us that they want more information on the candidates, particularly for local elections. That's why the LWV-Johnston is working on a comprehensive Voter Guide that will start with the 2018 elections. The guide will provide information about each office and candidates who are running for the office. 
  • Education Events for the LWV-Johnston Community: An important part of our mission is to provide ongoing education to our community. We are working on topics and speakers for future meetings and events. Ideas include: Speakers on gerrymandering and progress on redistricting in NC, judicial independence, campaign finance, education in NC and more. 
  • Public Policy: The LWV-Johnston will be working on public policy issues that impact voting, like redistricting. 
  • Observer Corps: LWV-Johnston volunteers attend meetings of local and state elected officials to observe the political process and report back to membership about discussions and decisions of interest to the League.